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Is a lack of organization becoming a problem for you?

We are here to help you organize and harmonize all your spaces. Whether residential or corporate – we do it all.

Without any additional effort or time on your part, we will completely reorganize any space, and we will develop an intuitive organization system for you. Messiness will be a thing of the past once you bring in The Space Organizer.

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We believe that a home should be a cozy and pleasant place where you want to spend your time. The home is for resting and replenishing our energy, this is why a harmonious home is critical to our well-being. When our homes are organized, clean, and in harmony, we too, are in harmony. A clean and clear place of rest allows us to engage in mindfulness, and to be appreciative of all the great things life has to offer.



In a corporate context, we always believe that “Less is More”. Disorganization and disorder communicate a message of confusion and encourage a lack of structure. We are here to create functional spaces in any corporate setting that will increase productivity, efficiency, and that will allow everyone in your organization to achieve their goals more easily, as well as have more time to engage in various other activities. An organized corporate space communicates confidence, competence, and security to your employees and customers – this directly translates into improved performance for your entire organization!



If you need to reduce clutter, pack up for a big or small move, or unpack everything and organize it in a thoughtful and intuitive way, we are here for you! A move is one of the best times to get rid of all the things you don’t actually need, and to decide what is actually worth keeping. We will give your new place our magic touch by organizing and harmonizing it to create a pleasant and joyful atmosphere from day one!

Hi, I'm Bea!

I believe that organization is a sign of respect for yourself and for those around you. To me, it is the reflection and manifestation of a person’s mind, ideas, emotions, and thoughts.

I am a Certified Professional Organizer. As far back as I can remember, I have loved order, organization, and cleanliness. Throughout my life, I have discovered and created various techniques for organization. I have integrated and combined these techniques into my own method which I have broken down into four thorough steps: planning, organization, cleaning, and decoration.

I am a professional in the media industry. I truly enjoy interacting with people, and I believe that my success stems from my ability to balance my knowledge, my creativity, and my passion for order.

Beatriz Varona

Founder of The Space Organizer

Our commitment

We are committed to creating harmony through organization. We strive to help you connect with your most precious possessions and your favorite goods.

Organization is critical to generate positive emotions. We believe that keeping your spaces organized will provide you with mental clarity, emotional well-being, harmony, and balance. We will make sure that your favorite spaces accurately reflect what is in your soul.

Discover how to organize your spaces and improve your environment with proven techniques.

Download the e-Book “7 Proven Steps to Organize Your Spaces Like a Pro”


Beatriz and her team are absolutely amazing at cleaning and organizing. It is VERY obvious that they LOVE to clean lol, they will scrub your home until it literally shines!! And when it comes to organizing your space, Bea's approach is neat, orderly, BEAUTIFUL, and easy to keep organized even after she leaves. I will not use any other company from now on! Best of all she is affordable! Highly recommend.


Jaclyn Popola

Beatriz did an amazing job! I am very happy with her service. She was very honest, she was very punctual, she did her job very quickly, now I open my closet with confidence, she offered me everything according to my budget, everything looks beautiful! Highly recommend it!!! Thank you Bea!


Karin Gómez

Beatriz does awesome work! I highly recommend it if your looking to organize your kitchen, bedroom or home.



I am always amazed how Beatriz goes the extra mile when she comes. Not only is everything cleaned but everything is organized and put in place. I highly recommend her.


Courtney Scott

THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! If you are in need of some organizing, I highly recommend The Space Organizer! Reasonable and so so worth it!


María Holguín



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